Long Distance Moving Services - Done Right

Relocation Guru is ready to go any distance for their clients. We will provide you a stress free long distance moving experience through our professional and high quality services. Our services are personalized according to your individual needs. You can trust us to carefully move your belongings to your desired destination. The best thing about choosing Relocation Guru for moving long distances is that we offer our high quality services at an affordable bottom line pricing. 

The price that we quote is the your most the accurate and reasonable price. It does not change unless you decide to add to deduct any services. You can decide as many services that you want to avail from our company. Our goal is to offer our clients an easy long distance moving easier through our high quality services and 100% professionalism at affordable prices. Relocation Guru takes two things very seriously, which are, your moving needs and your budget. Unlike other moving companies, we provide you with the exact date and time, on which your furniture and belongings will be delivered and we will try our best to not cause any delays in our service due to any unreasonable excuse. This service of ours will allow you to set up a perfect travel schedule for yourself. We not only move your furniture from one place to another, but we also load and unload it with responsibility and care. We also offer counselling services regarding the price and the whole moving experience. We provide our customers with a wide variety of services to make their long distance moving experience a lot more easier and a lot less hectic.

Faster Long Distance Moves

Relocation Guru transfers your furniture and belongings as quick as possible and do not waste your time. We complete state to state moving projects a lot earlier and quicker than our competitors. You will always save yourself a lot of time and money if you choose Relocation Guru for your long distance moving purposes. 


Safe and Insured for Long Distances

All of our movers are 100% professional and fully licensed and insured for the sake of safety of our clients and their belongings. The truck that holds your furniture and belongings is being tracked by the company through a good quality GPS system. We never compromise on the quality of gadgets and vehicles that we use. 


50 US States Coverage

Relocation Guru serves the entire USA. We help you move across state to state, no matter whatever part of the state you are from and whichever part of the state you want to move to.


Affordable Moving Services

We are budget friendly: 
Our prices are very affordable because we actually take your budget into consideration. Just tell us your budget and we will devise a moving plan according to your budget and moving needs. Through our innovative ways and budget friendly ideas, you will end up saving thousands of dollars. You will find, through comparison, that our rates will always be cheaper than other moving companies and we achieve this goal through our creative and resourceful trucking system. 


Careful Movers

You can trust our professionals to handle your furniture and belongings with utmost care. We pick and place each of your belongings taking in consideration its fragility and your attachment to it. Our team is highly qualified and trained in respecting and taking care of your furniture and other belongings. 


Strategic Planning for Moving Long Distance

We and our highly qualified and trained professionals understand that long distance moving requires a bunch of strategic planning and innovative ideas. Our team will create a plan just for you, according to your custom needs. 

Moving state to state easier for you

Relocation Guru is Different

Moving Consultations

Our trained professionals provide our customers with consulting services, free of charge. We offer counselling with regard to pricing and regarding the whole moving process. We also advise you in regards of packing certain fragile valuables. 

Honest Pricing

You can choose to add as many and as few services according to your budget and moving needs.

Freedom of Choice

You choose the services you need: 
You do not have to deal and pay for all the services, as we have no specific service packages. You can choose to have as many services as we offer because our service plans are devised according to your individual needs. 

Start Planning your Long Distance Move

You can book your services online or you can contact us through the information provided on our “contact us” page.

Our Moving Process

Planning your Move

The process of our long distance moving starts from devising a plan that is according to your budget and moving needs. We use innovative ways and resourceful ideas to devise a plan that covers all your moving needs within your desired budget. We also offer to load, unload, pack and unpack your furniture and other belongings. Your belongings are dealt with utmost care and responsibility. 

Estimating the Price of Moving Services

The next step is to quote an estimate price according to the services you have availed and the weight of your furniture and belongings. The quote may also depend upon the type of place that you are moving out or moving in. You can also request for a price estimation quote online. That quote will be the most reasonable and accurate price unless you choose to add or minus any services later. You have only one responsibility and that is mentioning the type of materials that you are moving and the accurate weight of your furniture and other belongings that you want to move. 

Scheduling your Move

Once the moving plan has been devised and the quote for estimated price has been decided, you can book your long distance moving with us. You must sign the contract and pay the estimate price quote. Then we will give you the exact time and date on which your belongings and furniture shall be delivered to your desired location. 

Packing your Belongings

If you have chosen Relocation Guru to help you pack your stuff, then our professionals will arrive at your house at the decided date and time and pack your furniture and other belongings according to your needs and instructions. 

Moving Day

After all the formalities and packing, our professionals will arrive at your house at decided day and time and load your furniture and other belongings with responsibility and care, into the truck and start their journey. 

Unpacking in your New Home

Unloading, unpacking and installing:
When we reach at your new house, we will start unloading and shifting the stuff according to your instructions and under your supervision. 

Our Pricing Strategy

All of our price estimates are based on the weight of your furniture and other belongings.
You must simply choose the correct estimate size of your boxes and the type of home you are moving out and moving in, to get an accurate price quote.