Moving Checklist

Is it stressful to move to a new place? When you decide to relocate and the time starts running, reminding you of the final moving day; that’s when moving feels like a battle.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you in this process by providing a relocation checklist which suits your needs so that you stay organized and plan things out till the big day.

Home moving to-do list

When you’ve looked upon a place to move, there are some basic break down of stages formed into some checklists. These checklists consist of all the work you need to do to move to your new home but in a systemized manner starting from months before the move to the final moving day. The steps include:

2 months before moving

A few months before moving is very important in terms of future, all the utilities and decisions are based on the management throughout this month. Before moving to a place the family takes into account certain factors which convinces them to move to a specific place. This place has to be better than the previous one if not moving due to financial constraints, as standard of living plays an integral part towards accommodation.

  • Depending on your family structure, plan the perfect place to move and develop options in the area you want to live.
  • When choosing the area, your needs should be specific to help you get the best possible place to move.
  • You should be aware of the healthcare, schooling and other necessities in the area.
  • All the legal formalities of collecting records from schools and medical records should be streamlined accordingly to avoid any mishap.
  • Get estimates from moving companies to develop a budget for the following month.

A month before the move:

After finalizing on the place you wish to move, the most important time for planning is a month before you move. In this month the first task should be to reserve a packing company, later on you should work on your job requirements and transfers. You should also make certain lists to keep all the inventory handy.

  • Send out notices to all your utility providers such as electricity suppliers, water, gas, internet, sewer and trash collection to make transfers, set up a new connection or cancel any services.
  • Cleaning your closet is a good step towards getting ready to move, removing unnecessary clothes and accessories helps in packing your essentials later.
  • You can also donate your things to charity or host a sale.
  • Change your address on your address card in the office or by accessing it online on a portal.
  • It is important to send a notification of your address changes to all the companies and service providers such as your insurance company, clubs and other linked organizations.
  • Electronic appliances need extra care, for which all user manuals should be in place before you move.

One or two weeks before the move

in these weeks all your work should be streamlined and all bookings should be done by now. This week is good for cleaning your things up, packing all your extra things before the packing company sends its professionals. Collecting all your valuables from the jeweler and sending out borrowed stuff is also a task itself.

  • You should now make a survival closet for yourself so that all other clothes can be packed and transported easily.
  • Any urgent food supplies and medicines should only be kept handy, otherwise all your things should be packed properly.
  • If you plan on packing yourself then label all the boxes according to the room they belong to the room they will be transported together with the person’s name on top.
  • Call your packing company for assistance if you don’t plan on packing yourself.
  • Disconnecting all utilities is important and so schedule it timely to avoid double payments.
  • Cancel the newspaper supply, house help, gardening and other services before the final week.
  • Empty all your lockers at places such as your nearby gym, office or school.

The week of the move

Avoid being messy at this time, keep a check on your lists and divide the work if you have other family members living with you since moving is a big responsibility. In this week you might also expect people to give you farewell so be prepared for it as well.

  • Keep updating your packing list, your new house’s work should also be done by now.
  • It is very important to go with the planned payments and budget for all your expenses, even all your day to day expenses.
  • Your change of address forms should be mailed by now.
  • Keep a first aid box handy for everyone since you can expect to get minor wounds while working.
  • Clean the stove, it is advisable to get food from outside if it’s in your budget or make ready to cook meals.
  • Make arrangements prior to your movers’ arrival.

The day before the move

This is your last day at your old place, you might have a bunch of good memories and a bit of bad ones too or maybe you might be excited to move but still there’s some work left to do.

  • You must keep some cash in your handbag to get yourself some snacks or order a pizza at your new place for dinner.
  • Clean your refrigerator, defrost it and dry it out completely to avoid mess.
  • Apart from farewell parties and formal get-togethers, there’s always a final goodbye you wish to give to your neighbors. So hug them tight, maybe buy them a present and cherish your moments together with a cup of coffee.

The final day

This day you will move out, and now that you have a good checklist with you, it is almost impossible to forget something important, however you might want to check these:

  • Pack a suitcase with your essentials because you don’t immediately unpack.
  • Be sure to be present when the movers arrive so that you can guide them with the fragile stuff.
  • Lock all the windows and doors, check the lights and thermostat and finally handover your keys to the owner (if required).

You are now ready to move!

Business moving checklist

You relocate your business because of multiple reasons, such as the new place is more convenient for you in terms of travelling, it will reduce your transportation cost, the present location is quite expensive and you don’t have enough supplies to cater to this problem, and many more. Relocation costs you a good amount, but it also requires a close consideration upon a checklist so that you don’t mess up your business while moving.

These are a few things to do in a timely manner:

2 months prior to move

Before moving you need to explain the reasons behind moving to your workers/ employees/ staff members through a memo or email as a notice. It depends on the type of movement, whether it’s from a building to another or to another city.

  • All of your employees will not wish to relocate so arrangements must be made before hand for employees who wish to leave the organization.
  • Assemble a move team, get in line with the bookings ASAP.
  • Furniture layout plans should be given out to the employees.
  • Develop a schedule for offs in case of moving and settling to a new place.

1 month prior to move

In this month you will streamline all the work for the new place, the employees and their concerns must be sorted out by now and attention must be paid on concerns such as security, packing and agendas.

  • Prepare the floor plans and layouts, if the new place is better and bigger then all accommodation layouts should be planned and approved by the higher authorities.
  • Get in touch with the employees to shift their files and documents with proper labelling as per their requirement and later name their boxes too.
  • It is important to let the outside world know what happens with the company, in this case a press release must be issued in terms of the relocation.
  • Discuss the insurance policy, if it requires shifting the address and shifting of the policy elsewhere then make necessary arrangements through meetings.
  • The new site should also be seen as reserved to let the area know of the relocation. The lobby directory should also be updated with your business’s name on it.

One or two weeks prior to move

In this duration employee move packets must be ready, and meetings should also be held with the delivery people for the packages to be delivered on time. A brochure can also be made for employees to guide them in the first week of moving to the new place.

  • Finalize the move plan.
  • Distribute the move packets to all employees and also make arrangements for the welcome packets at the new location as a kind gesture of cooperation.
  • You should have emergency numbers of all your workers helping you during this process. Moving company, building maintenance and utilities should be on the list with more than one contact detail. This list will be updated and made copies of to distribute among the higher management.
  • The moment you’ll be introduced to the new place, you will require a cleaning service to carry out its responsibility ASAP. A cleaning vendor must be hired and given a tour to streamline all the work while moving.
  • Cancel all newspaper and cleaning services in the old setup.

The week of the move

This is the final week of your business moving to another location, now you will carry out some basic responsibilities at the final location such as devising a proper plan after shifting. This plan will include security maintenance and surface protection. The new maintenance staff will be given a survey prior to this week.

  • Unplug all the printers, copiers and other machines in the office.
  • Ask employees to clean out their spaces.
  • Work on the destination sight, room labelling and numbering.
  • Schedule training and surveys for emergency situations.
  • Distribute the badges and tags to all security guards and lower line staff.
  • Change the locks and access codes at the new location when moving close to the shifting day.

The day before the move

All the discussed days are of great importance but the day before your business will relocate you need to be sure you have carried out the lot from your checklist, keep reviewing all the work and remember to coordinate with the staff.

  • Work closely with your managers to conduct a pre-move conference.
  • For the move, let all the employees work on their part, also let them know of their responsibilities while moving.
  • On the move day, you have to limit the participation of employees to avoid any issues since you have planned everything thoroughly.

The move day

This is your final day to work on moving, on this day all the employees will work according to the planned meetings carried out previously in a limited count of members participating in this act. The workplace will be checked and locked professionally to hand over the locking system or any keys present. The new place should be clean to welcome your staff. If an opening is planned, it must be carried out a day after or so.  Some basic guidelines may be;

  • Keep in touch with the packing company and movers to move to the correct rooms as decided.
  • On site help should be there to help the employees.
  • Keys and access cards for staff must be distributed on the new location.
  • The planned welcome packets which were tagged with the name and designation will be transported to their respective locations before the employees enter to their cabins and cubicles.

Any post move support should also be provided for inquiries, lost and found, etc. In case of any damages to the inventory your inventory list must come handy for surveys and reports. Confirm all the deposits and review contracts with your landlord.

Stay safe, happy moving!